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Virtuosity, passion, emotions, genre diversity, many unusual and unique instruments  and  direct contact with the audience are the virtues this duo is appreciated for and admired by people worldwide.

The comprehensive repertoire covers the most famous works of classical music, opera, operetta, musical and folklore. High-level professional performance  is commented with a gentle humour in English or German. Playing rare unique instruments (which cannot be seen and listened to anywhere else in the world) the duo sweeps off the feet even the most demanding spectators worldwide.

Instruments, that you can hear at a concert:

violin,  piano, singing, pan flute, accordeon, overtone flute (the end pipe), 6-hole whistle, whistle, fujara (hand made overtone fipple flute registered in the world heritage of UNESCO nations as a unique instrument found only in Slovakia).

Thanks to a broad repertoire and extensive experience it is possible to adjust the programme dramaturgy and duration to any requirements.

Peter Niňaj 1961 / piano and accordion/ graduated from the Conservatoire and the Academy of Music Arts in Bratislava. Later studied in Italy and specialized in conducting orchestras and  playing the piano.

Róbert Puškár 1962 / violin, various flutes, a singer / graduated from the Conservatoire and the Academy of Music Arts in Bratislava  His key instrument is the violin. He played many years  as  a leader of the orchestra in the New Scene Theatre in Bratislava. He plays about 20 different instruments.

In 1991 Róbert Puškár and Peter Niňaj –  former classmates and colleagues – founded a duo aimed at performing compositions of various music genres and style periods.

Both musicians played as soloists in many orchestras.They performed  in almost  all European countries, Africa, Asia, the Unites States, China, South Corea, Japan and Canada.

Their experience has been highly appreciated by the most prominent Slovak musical institutions like the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Scene Theatre and a lot of Slovak folk orchestras.  They often perform in radio and TV programmes.