Róbert Puškár

/born on 3rd July 1962/

A prominent Slovak violinist, singer and a player of various folk instruments /fujara,pipes, pan flute, drumbľa,ninera, mouth-organ/ coming from Tŕnie by Zvolen, where he performed in the local folk ensemble already from the age of five. He accomplished his first music education at the basic artistic school in Zvolen. In  1970 he introduced himself at the all-state concert of young talents in Prague. Following his victory in the all-Slovak violinist competition in 1975, he decided to continue with his classic music studies at the Conservatoire in Bratislava (1977 – 1983).  During is studies he participated in competitions of Slovak conservatoires, where  he achieved 2nd place in 1980 and won in 1982. At the same time he was also performing as a leader of orchestra and a leader of folk music group of the artistic ensemble Lúčnica. He accomplished his music studies at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava in 1987. In 1988 and 1989 he was performing with the Slovak Philharmony. From 1990 till 1999 he was a leader of orchestra of the operette and musical theatre „Nová scéna“.

In addition to his interpretional activities, this universal multiinstrumentalist devotes to adapting Slovak folk songs for numerous folk music groups and ensembles, performs regularly in the Slovak TV and cooperates with the Slovak Radio. This year he plays as a solist singer and violinist in music-dance performance „Circus world“

As a well-known interpreter of the Slovak folk music and a recognized folklorist, he has performed in many countries all over the world (almost in whole Europe, Marocco, Turkey, Cyprus, USA, Canada, Cuba, Japan, Korea, China) and his mastery has spread  much of joy all around.